Natural materials have always been and still are of primary importance in Italian Fashion. From the inimitable iridescences of moher of pearl to the soft and natural horn colors till the incomparable corozo nuances, every single button is unique.
Linea Mitiaro propose a broad selection of buttons and accessories in these material:


It is a natural material obtained from exotic seashells.
All Linea Mitiaro mother of pearl is from natural shells cultivated in a sustainable manner.
All of our buttons are guaranteed not to come for protected specied as per the Washington Convention (CITES).

Types of shells

Commercial name Scientific name Characteristics Class and Origin
Trocas sudan Trochus dentata greenish or reddish back Gastropoda; Red Sea
Trocas indonesia Trochus Niloticus reddish or black back Gastropoda; Pacific Ocean
Australia Pinctada maxima White or Yellow Bivalvia; Pacific Ocean
Tahiti Pinctada margaritifera Natural grey Bivalvia; Pacific Ocean
Goldfish Halliotis Goldish Bivalvia; Atlantic Ocean
Agaya Pinctada Natural Bivalvia; Pacific Ocean


Known as the "vegetal ivory" it's a seed from a Tropical palm (Phytelephas macrocarpa). It's an amazing material that can be dyed in any color , gives a genuine natural look to any type of garments.


Linea Mitiaro real horn buttons are produced in accordance to the international standards ( not from protected species) and they are offered in different models and natural colours. An accurate production control makes it possible to obtain buttons of high quality in relevant thickness and , diameters perfect for highly automated sewing processes.

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